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At Merlin Services, LLC., we believe that each client is our partner. We will work with you to make affordable, quality IT service and support a reality. Our team provides solutions that produce immediate results and address longer-term IT strategy, which can include growth or new compliance demands. We strive to work how you work. Our team of friendly, experienced, and reliable IT professionals are just a call, email, or visit away. We are happy to address concerns or answer questions when you need support the most. We work behind the scenes to ensure operational excellence of your technology so that you achieve the highest levels of productivity.


Start-ups have needs that vary greatly. They are unlike any other type of company. To support them effectively, you have to understand them...and we do. We have years of experience working with young companies, expertly helping them set up, upgrade and expand IT services and support to accommodate rapid growth and new demands.

Merlin Services will:

  • Identify your specific needs and requirements now and in the future. We look at the way your business uses the Internet, your internal network, and software. We then explain what options makes sense for your business and budget.
  • Recommend network solutions, infrastructure, business applications and a plan for providing ongoing services and support that meet your budget and are flexible enough to accommodate growth and other business changes.
  • Implement initial hardware, software and services, and set up individual users, whether remotely or face-to-face.
  • Become aquainted with all users at your organization and ensure that they are comfortable reaching out to any member of our team with even the smallest problem or technical consideration.
  • Provide ongoing maintenance and recommendations for upgrades and/or changes.
  • Provide emergency support in the event of a unexpected outage or situation.

Common Services

  • Virtualization - Hyper-V and VMWare
  • Email - Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2013, and 2016
  • Windows Server - 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
  • Mobile Devices
    • iPhone
    • Blackberry
    • Android
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
    • Symantec BackupExec
    • Windows Server Backup
    • iDrive Cloud backup
    • MozyPro and Carbonite Online Backups
    • Custom User Application Backup
  • IT Security
    • Dell
    • Cisco
    • SonicWall
    • Barracuda

The assets of professional services firms reside in two primary categories – users and IT. The users need technologies and systems that enable them to access data quickly, make sound decisions and provide services to their clients as efficiently as possible. The IT demands are high and must be met with precision and speed. Considerations including data privacy and security are paramount, and specific industry compliance and government regulations are required of financial, legal and architecture firms. We understand that IT resource downtime results in lost productivity. We can offer high-availabilty solutions to insulate you against internet, hardware, and even user errors so your business can continue to function.

Merlin Services, LLC, can assist you to:

  • Ensure that your network, infrastructure and software are meeting the demands of your business and employees.
  • Assess existing systems and applications and create a plan for providing ongoing services and support that allow you and your employees to work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  • Increase remote accessibility, security and compliance.
  • Upgrade existing solutions, implement any new hardware, software, and/or services, and educate individual users about new tools and services.
  • Provide immediate support in the event of a crisis situation.


  • Network Design
  • Procurement
  • Installation

Merlin Services can build your new network from the ground up. Already have some equipment? No problem. We can integrate present systems into your improved network with minimal downtime.

How many times have you thought that you bought the correct item only to find out that it wouldn't work for your company? We buy the right equipment and software, the first time. We have the experience with IT systems to make sure that any new purchases work in your environment with a minimum of surprises.

Building and administering Windows Server-based networks is Merlin Services' main area of focus. Merlin provides real world consulting solutions for small and medium sized business networks for just about any situation that is needed. Whether you are thinking about upgrading your simple five user peer-to-peer network or integrating your multi-location corporation seamlessly, Merlin can get the job done, under budget, and quickly.

  • E-Mail
  • Security
  • Mobile

Communications are critical to business. This makes your e-mail system an important IT investment.

Merlin Services can help you move from a POP3 server, subscribe to cloud-based services like Gmail or Microsoft Online, implement in-house Microsoft Exchange 2010, or simply receive support for Microsoft Exchange 2003.

We understand the need for availablity of access, and retention requirements. We will design your system to enure your emails are accessible and preserved for any of your business or legal requirements.

When you choose to migrate your e-mail data to a new server environment, we will carefully transfer your old information. In addition we will test and monitor your new solution to ensure proper functionality after the switch. We work to minimize the effect of downtime on your business. To do so, in most cases, we will perform e-mail migrations over the weekend, and after hours to ensure business continuity.

Security is a concern for every business. But most don’t know how vulnerable they are. We look at your network from the inside and out.

From the outside, security includes things such as your network firewall, and filters such as email and web. Additionally, we look at internal security, which includes wireless settings, user password policies, and computer settings. These are considered to give you a balance between cost, productivity, and security.

Merlin Services works with small-business oriented brands like DELL, SonicWALL, Cisco, and Barracuda to provide powerful security solutions that are affordable for a small-business and can grow with you.

Smartphones and tablets have exploded in popularity. With all these choices, many have questions about whether they’ve selected the right type of solutions to meet their professional and personal needs, and if they have deployed the right type of infrastructure to support their devices.

At Merlin Sevices, we not only have experience in setting up these devices and the software to support them, we also use them ourselves. We answer all your questions about different types of devices, and once you’ve selected one, we work with you to set up and explain how to use the software necessary for installing new applications and synching up your phone with your computer.

We configure your mobile devices to recieve email whether you use Microsoft Exchange or another method. For security purposes, we deploy the most advanced security features available for mobile devices, of which allow you to impose a device lockdown or wipe data from a lost or stolen phone.

With our help, you can make informed decisions as you invest in new devices for yourself or for your company. You also have peace of mind that new mobile technology isn’t introducing frightening security risks.

Testimonials from a few of our current customers...

"We have been able to count on Merlin Services, not only for day to day maintenance and updates, but also for quick response and problem-solving. If we have a question, Merlin will find the answer." - The George Gund Foundation - Cleveland, OH

"As an international company, our computers and internet service are vital links to our global customers and German home office. Merlin has become and indispensable asset in the coninuity and growth of our company."
-C.A. Picard, Int'l., - Elyria, OH

"Merlin's top-notch service, reliability and competitive priceing have kept our network up and running flawlessly."
-Contolco, Inc - Westlake, OH

"Merlin Services has a unique philosophy to the way they do business. They answer questions honestly, and in terms anyone can understand. They provide practical solutions, fix things the first time, return phone calls, show up when they are supposed to, and do everything they can to get things back up and running when they crash. I'm hoping this philosophy catches on!"
-National Power Equipment, Inc. - Brookpark, OH

"Merlin Services has provided us with reliable computer service for several years."
-University Circle Police Dept. - University Circle, OH

"Merlin provides proactive, personal service when the industry standard is global outsourcing and interactive phone menus. As proven problem solvers, they handle the most mundane to the most complex problems, and translate technolgy to technical know-how that never fails to add value to the bottom line."
-Dan T. Moore Companies - Cleveland, OH

Merlin Services LLC.
127 Public Sq. Suite 2700
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